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The specialized program Advokat expert is intended for the complete work of an Advocate's office. What is specific is its uniqueness in the software market. Namely, it includes the integration of DMS and ERP, that is, records of the entire documentation (including an electronic document), as well as the monitoring of all actions in the process ie, business processes.


Cases, hearings, trials

Monitoring and transparency of all cases, hearings, trials and other documents and events.

The Advokat expert program provides detailed records of all cases, hearings, lawsuits, reports, as well as their types (for example, hearings for the next 7 days, hearings without reports, cases by key, dates, actions in the process, etc.).

This way of registering the work of a law office provides the ability to quickly and easily search the entire documentation and monitor the phases of all actions in the process.

A good organization is the key to success

A good organization means maximizing the use of time with increasing quality of effective work and results. The lawyer's expert looked at the well-organized work of every successful lawyer in the office.

What can software provide me?

Records of the complete documentation

The lawyer's expert allows the Law Offices to keep all of their documentation (including an electronic document signed) in one system in accordance with all legal regulations. This way of doing business, storing, searching and managing all cases is significantly accelerated, while at the same time achieving a higher degree of quality of the work of the Law Office.

Electronic document signed

The only safe way to store and manage this documentation is to convert them to a record. Do you adequately keep your documentation?

There is no lost document
Documentation in the system is encrypted and stored on multiple servers, ensuring unhindered operation due to unforeseen situations, such as computer failure, fire, flood, etc.

Monitoring the work of the office

In real time and at any location

Access to all cases, contracts, complaints, lawsuits and other documentation is enabled, as well as an overview of the current work of all lawyer's employees in real time at any location.

The right approach to confidential documentation

Access to documentation is limited, i.e. all employees can access (have insight into the right to work on the document) only if they are granted the right in accordance with their responsibilities. Rights can only be assigned by an administrator (manager) for each employee individually.


Standardized template

Automatically fill in the documentation

Through standardized templates for documents such as complaints, lawsuits, warnings, contracts, etc., the software itself collects the necessary data based on the specified parameters and automatically creates the necessary documentation. These templates greatly accelerate the work of the Law Office.

Planner - An insight into the busyness of each lawyer

The planner is used to record all events and tasks that an employed lawyer has. Based on these notes in the software, you can at any time have an insight into the degree of occupancy of each lawyer who is graphically displayed.
Saving time

Saving time

By automating day-to-day routine operations, we shorten the time it takes to perform them.

Money saving

Money saving

Time savings also automatically save money that would otherwise be used to pay an additional employee to record documents, events and other operational tasks.

Mass invoicing

Automated invoicing for all clients and actions in the process with the items listed above

Based on the data in the system, the creation of invoices for each client and for every item that has at least one action in the process is not a problem. Namely, only invoicing takes only a few minutes.

How the system is invoicing

The system, based on the given parameters, collects all the necessary data for each object and the client individually, and all items are automatically linked to the tariff advocates, which creates the invoice with all the taxable items. By this process, the billing process is significantly accelerated, while at the same time there is no need for additional checks, since the items are entered into the system in accordance with the Law (it is taken into consideration that all documentation prior to entering the software is aligned with all the Regulations in order for other processes, invoicing maximum acceleration).


Our clients speak for us

Why use the software

Lawyer expert

There are numerous advantages of using a software solution that includes the entire business of your Law Office.
Archive, hijack and manage your documentation in accordance with all legal regulations. Keeping and handling an electronic document and electronically signed documentation with Advokat expert software can not be simpler.
The complete documentation is completely safe in the Advocate expert system. Security is reflected in encryption of documentation, restriction of access rights for each lawyer of individual and everyday backups, system backup to multiple remote servers.
Our team is available 24h 365 days a year for all your questions after the implementation of the software and training the users for its use. By providing constant technical support, we eliminate all downtime of your Attorney's Office.
By providing 24-hour technical support, we guarantee the quality of the software solution.
Attorney Expert has been in practice for more than 10 years, which indicates the satisfaction of our long-standing users. The team of our experts who develops these software solutions has more than 15 years of engineer years of work.

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For all your questions

If you want to be among the most successful, contact us and schedule a FREE Advocate of Software Expert Solutions presentation. In the practical case of your Law Office, we will show you how the Advocate expert can solve all of your problems.

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