Saša Stamenović
Saša StamenovićDirector of EDOPS

Founder of EDOPS Solutions

EDOPS Solutions is a family IT company I founded with the aim of helping other companies improve their business in terms of better transparency of documentation, acceleration of work of routine operations and improvement of business quality in general. EDOPS now has more than 15 years of experience and work on various projects in the country and abroad, to which I am very proud.
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Mission and vision

Our goal is for our user to get a top-level software solution that enables monitoring of work, both for court practices and for work with companies. Our software solutions need to speed up the day-to-day work of law firms and offer data that influence the making of quality business decisions, faster dispute resolution, and in that way provide an advantage over competition. This is our pass for new future projects.

Why choose EDOPS

From other IT companies, why choose EDOPS?

You can see more about us and our work here.
Although our work implies dynamics, research and constant development of new functionalities in order to improve quality, we are absolutely committed to each project and user individually. We try to always meet and fully customize the software solutions for each user.
In order to maintain the quality of software solutions and maximize their capabilities, the EDOPS team provides technical support to its users for 24 hours throughout the year. By this procedure we guarantee the quality of our work.
We know how important it is to be accurate, clear and precise in the business world, and that is why we try to always respect all the deadlines and requirements of the users in the agreed term. We appreciate you and your time and that is why professionalism is the mirror of the EDOPS team.
Specialized software solution The expert expert contains the functionalities required for all law firms. In addition, on the basis of many years of experience, we strive to fulfill all the additional requirements of the users according to his needs. The goal of our work is that the software solution is fully tailored to the needs of your business. EDOPS starts from the fact that each Advocacy Office is unique and has its own specific needs to be met.

"Mi to možemo,
mi to hoćemo,
mi to uspešno činimo."


+381 34 304 403
+381 34 304 404

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